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We were PhD scholars in Australia. Upon completion of our studies, we decided to apply for our temporary graduate visas so we could find work in Australia. We were successful in getting our visas within a few weeks, found work in our respective disciplines, then applied for permanent Skilled – Independent visas. Silverbay helped us through both visas. Our migration agent was very happy for us when we got our visas but told us (jokingly) that she was sad that our first country just lost two PhDs."
- Independent Skilled visa holders

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"In 2012, I visited my sisters and brothers in Brisbane, Queensland. Within few days from lodging the application, my Australian visitor’s visa was approved immediately. This would not be possible without the assistance of Silverbay Australia and the personal attention of Dr. Tessie Tumaneng-Diete. Her company is very thorough and professional in their dealings with clients. I highly recommend to Filipino families the excellent services provided by Silverbay Australia. If ever I decide to visit again Australia, without second thought I would immediately seek the assistance of Dr. Tessie Tumaneng-Diete, who is truly one of the best in her field." - _O.D., Visitor from Manila

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"We obtained our permanent regional skilled visas through Silverbay Australia. We fondly called our migration agent “Ate” or big sister, who patiently walked us through the complex visa application process. Silverbay was kind enough to accommodate our requests for discounted professional fees because there were a few of us applying for the same visa. We obtained our visas at different times - some got theirs in a few weeks, while others in a couple of months or so. Nevertheless, we are now happily living in Australia with our respective families, doing what we do best –preparing the best food ever!" – Filipino Chefs and Cooks from cruise ships and overseas international hotels

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"I sponsored my wife and daughter to come to Australia. I prepared my documents myself but just to double check that I had all the necessary requirements as per migration laws, Tess kindly reviewed them for me. We are now living in Australia permanently, with my daughter and I becoming citizens not long after their arrival."
- Permanent residents from Brisbane


Welcome to Silverbay Australia

Silverbay Australia can provide you with expert migration advice for your visa needs to come to Australia as a skilled migrant, visitor, student or as a family member (partner\spouse, parent, child and other family connections).

Applying for a visa is a complex process – there are complex migration laws to contend with and a myriad of information that can leave one exasperated and confused. Apart from that, a visa applicant invests in visa application charges which no one wants wasted in a refused application.

Why choose Silverbay

At Silverbay, you get personalised service as we go through your visa needs and the corresponding documents required for your visa choice.

A professional migration agent with a proven record of very high approval rate assists you. Migrations laws are thoroughly examined to suit your circumstances, and you are advised of the right documents to support your application. Your application will only be lodged if we are content that you meet all migration law requirements, i.e. backed by your evidentiary documents.

We connect with you through various means – Phone/Viber, Skype, emails – so we can be anywhere in the world and we still stay connected as we prepare your application.